Cookie Keeper

Cookie consent starter for engineers

Partners configuration in JSON

Easy to modify the list of Partners and cookies

Google: AdSense, Analytics, and Tag Manager have already been configured. It's up to you to add any new partners. Most often, enabling or disabling cookies for partners is done by disabling third-party scripts. However, if the partner provides an API for enabling or disabling cookies by category, similar to Google Tag Manager, you can write a custom JavaScript strategy script to support disabling or enabling cookies.

Cookie modal json configuration

View modification Make it yourself.

The solution can be easily modified by changing the CSS files, the HTML template for the modal window, displaying the list of partners, and the list of categories. You have the ability to manipulate styles, HTML, and JavaScript as needed. The script itself is straightforward, and there is a template for the modal window that you can adjust in one specific location.

Cookie modal html template

Small and fast

The solution is very small, less than 50KB without gzip. You need to add a CSS file (5KB), JS file (20KB), JSON configuration (11KB), and a modal panel HTML template (6KB). You will receive the source code, which means you need to host it on your own servers along with other JS/CSS files. There is no need to have access to the public internet. The solution will only work within intranet, corporate networks, etc. There is no requirement for other external 3rd-party scripts such as jQuery or vanilla scripts. You can easily merge the files with your source code to minimize the number of files and their size. I recommend using the Gulp tool for this purpose.

Cookie modal fast website


Make it working

Attach CSS, JS, and JSON configuration files in the header of your website. Configure the JSON Partners list. By default, there is a configuration for Google Partner and your necessary cookies. All Partner scripts need to be disabled before loading the website by adding "type='text/plain'" to the script tag. Then the script will turn on if the user accepts the terms. It's important to manually modify all the scripts in the source code because some scripts load automatically. Most often, disabling them through cookie consent doesn't work properly. Therefore, please refer to the documentation and disable all your JavaScripts that add cookies. The solution will enable them based on the configuration and strategy for each specific partner.


Pay once, use forever

There is no time limitation. You pay once and use it forever, saving a lot of money compared to other cookie consent solutions with recurring prices. Updates are supported for 1 year. After that time, you can purchase the next update as you wish. If you are considering writing your own cookie consent solution for your needs, don't waste your time. Start with an existing project. Pay only 15 euro and save weeks of work.

Cookie modal fast website